Special areas in Hair Transplantation


Besides hair transplantation for baldness, there are certain special areas in hair transplantation:

Beard as donor for hair transplantation

Beard hair is next only to scalp hair in quality and hence can serve as a donor when scalp hair is not available. Hairs are harvested from the beard on the under surface of the jaw (upper part of neck). However, fair-skinned patients are better suitable for this method as white dots are more visible in dark-skinned patients.

Body hair as donor for hair transplantation

Hair can be harvested from the beard or the body including chest and pubic region. This is usually done when there aren’t enough grafts in the scalp to cover the required area. Typically in mega sessions requiring 5000 grafts or more.

We are often asked, why not take body hair instead of scalp hair. This is tempting because the donor site is completely hidden, and many people have plenty of hair in these regions. However, this is not advisable for the following reasons:

  1. This hair is inferior. Compared to the scalp, body hair does not grow as long, and it is thinner. So the impact is less as the result depends on thickness and length.
  2. It is more difficult to harvest.
  3. More anesthesia is needed. As these areas are larger. Often the anesthesia isn’t enough and the procedure might be uncomfortable.
  4. Body hair occurs as single hair units. This means more hairs need to be taken. For e.g.
    1000 scalp hair units are equal to about 2200 body hairs as scalp hair has 1/2/3 or even 4 hair units with an average of 2.2 hairs per unit. This means that a patient has to get 2200 body hair units to get 2200 hairs- so he pays for 2200 units- almost double that of scalp hairs.

Our publication on the same:

Venkataram Mysore Body Hair Transplantation: Case Report of Successful Outcome; J Cutan Aesthetic Surg. 2013 Apr-Jun; 6(2): 113–116.

Usually, the chest is chosen as the donor.

Eyebrow, mustache transplantation

Many people are unhappy with the shape or length and thickness of their eyebrow, mustache or beard and would like to alter it cosmetically. This can be done easily with FUE method and usually doesn’t require many grafts. However, this area has its own challenges:

  1. The area is very mobile, implanting is more difficult than the scalp.
  2. The orientation of hairs is very important.
  3. Single hair units are essential

For this reason, it is important that these areas are grafted by an experienced person

Scar transplantation

Often many patients have scars due to reasons such as trauma, burns involving hair-bearing regions, including the scalp. This can very well be covered with transplantation. However few things need to be remembered:

  1. This scar tissue is tougher, implanting is more difficult.
  2. This area has a poorer blood supply than other parts of the body. It is important to space grafts properly.
  3. Multiple sessions may be needed.

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About The Doctor

Dr. Venkataram Mysore was one of the first surgeons to learn this technique in the country. He is an expert in FUT and is one of the most respected Hair Transplant experts in the world. He has edited the first Indian textbook on the subject and is the first and only Indian Dermatologist to be made a fellow of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

Special areas in Hair Transplantation